Good decoration gadgets. 3D decal stickers can be applied to decor a theme party, nursery, baby room, children room, gardenparties, photography background, Christmas, wedding, birthday, ceiling etc.

Artificial leather 3D wall decals Suit for mirror, furniture, cabinets, door, fridge ,bed,wall decoration, Strong 3D art décor with crash proof, quietness function. Itmakes your life more colorful and lovely.


  • Top layer-Very fine leather surface with detailed grain: Durable, anti-hydrolysis,waterproofing, moisture proofing, scratch resistance and easy-clean by dampcloth
  • Second layer-Whole body is soft with high density memory PU foam.Shock absorption, anti collision, High elasticity and not easy to deform
  • Third layer-light weight Non woven fabric
  • Forth layer-super adhesive paper: self adhesive for Latex paint, wood, glass, ceramictile and etc smooth surface. As for rough surface, pls match with glass cement.
  • One-step molding process.Zero adhesive and formaldehyde, Eco-friendly, SGS authentication.

Apply suggestion:Pls Make sure the surface is clean and dry.Easy peel and stick for Latex paint, wood, glass, ceramic tile, etc smooth surface.As for rough surface, pls match with glass cement.